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You’re getting married to that one person that makes you laugh until no sound comes out. You both adore adventures with each other, your family and your friends… you can’t wait to get everyone together to celebrate that love with you. It’s going to be emotional, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be YOU…. shoes off and hair down kinda JOY!

Have a little scroll through some of my recent favourite photos. A great snapshot of my style and work ethos. You can see more below the gallery, kick back, get a brew and some biscuits and check out the blog

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Beth & Greg – Marylebone Wedding – Previews

Well that was a bit EPIC!!! I must remember this is just a preview post and not waffle on too much just yet, but it was just awesome. Beth and Greg are awesome, their guests too. Best speeches EVER. And The Marylebone Hotel did not disappoint with all it's lines and...

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Group shots – Handy hints

The important ones… We all need them, let’s just not go wild! Group shots are the ones that you look back on in years to come, the last time you were all together with your grandparents and that lovely shot of you with your siblings for your mum & dad. They won’t...

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Kelly & Trevor – Wedding Previews

Kelly & Trevor were married at Huntsmill Farm yesterday and it was flipping awesome! There was a whole load of loveliness, a big heap of crazy and a host of wonderfully feral children. So much laughter and smiles. Here are some previews from their...

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Nestled on the South Somerset border with Devon and Dorset. Capturing weddings across the South West, UK and well anywhere!

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