I  have tried repeatedly to write a review about my experience at Snap Photography Festival, but just found myself writing a flipping essay!! No-one really wants to read my every single thought on it (although happy to chat if you’re thinking of going!). However I did want to express in someway about my experience, so I wrote and recorded this (don’t panic!! I’m not singing!)

Snap, you are wonderful and amazing,
You are enjoyment and growth personified.
Beyond my wildest expectations,
You are more
Than a tax-deductible holiday.

Upon our arrival you waved and welcomed and cheered
A greeting worthy of champions much endeared.
The learning and loving
The listening and growing
The dancing and singing
Oh the singing, was one million times more exhilarating,
Boundary pushing and heartwarming then possibly imagined

They say a 20 second hug reduces stress
That an embrace as such makes your heart rate less
Endorphins and Oxytocin better than drugs
Which goes someway to explain the post-Snap comedown,
Where on a daily basis we were showered in hugs

Now about here it sounds like a hippy commune
Well actually, it kind of is, but really it isn’t.
I sat and I learned about new ways of marketing
For those stunning golden-lit weddings abroad
I spent 2 hrs digesting SEO skills with frantic illegible noting
Not once did I sit and think, “Fuck I’m bored”
The nail biting moment during critique,
When my images flashed up on the TV screen,
But no-one was rude, unkind or mean.
In absolute awe as my face appeared on a piece of tin,
Business and life coaching, to stop me spreading so thin.

And now for the in-between,
The part that’s even harder to put down on paper
The moments of letting go and fun-filled behavior
A night of too much rum and rum induced dancing
Contemporary moves and so much laughing
Singing, well shouting to Kate Bush and Queen
Head banging so much the next day I’m broken.

Here’s to the naps and the early morning walks
The hugs and the photos and the time for a talk
The moments in-between, it wasn’t all classrooms.
Being fed and watered every day by someone else,
Not Mum, wife, business owner, cleaner, cook, human climbing frame
Doing everything I wanted just for myself.

I was in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful humans
There was no Rockstar-dom, we were all just being.
Except when Missy Elliott dropped… that was a thing of rockstar beauty

On my return home, I’ve found it hard to express
Just how my experience of Snap has been
So much to say and not enough words
But I had an idea to scribble some poetry down
As I remember, and cry over Kristen’s
Amazing poem once more,
A poem that hit home harder than ever before
It taught me my worth, my value, my needs
See I really hadn’t been looking after me
You looked into my soul and held up a mirror
I AM worth it. I thank you.

Old friends and new friends,
Developing relationships and developing a “self”.
With fresh inspiration, an action plan written
Photos flying about now, with each one more smitten
Rejuvenation, new life and new goals
A slightly left field family, I’ll love till I’m old
That’s what Snap’s about
You are more
Than a tax-deductible holiday.


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